nuedynamicclock1.3 htcHD、htc钻石Diamond、htc钻石Diamond2省电

MSM72XX 系列 CPU通用~
达到 多普达钻石 多普达s900 htc diamond钻石  省电的目的~


1、复制所有的文件到手机的 \windows  目录下。
2、 导入 绿化&注册.reg 注册表文件
3、 即刻重启手机 一定的重启下不然不能正常使用
4、 在设置-系统-中找到 处理器 打开
5、 当使用电池时 选者 power savings




    nueDynamicClock allows you to change the clock speed of your Touch Pro or Touch Diamond based on certain parameters.
    This version is now known to be compatible with the CDMA Touch Pro, CDMA Touch Diamond, GSM Touch Pro (Fuze), GSM Touch Diamond, GSM Touch HD (Blackstone)
    Do not install on the HTC Titan/Mogul, HTC Vogue or HTC Kaiser. Do not install on a device that is not based on the MSM7xxx processor.
一定注意,非MSM7xxx 系列CPU一定不要安装,这个是上面英语红字说的,软件刚发现,能用好用不还要大家检验

    After wasting a bit of time due to the bug in Windows Mobile described here,  I finished nueDynamicClock, which dynamically adjusts your device processor speed based on different levels of idleness, allowing you to increase battery life without really affecting perceived performance.

    A program monitor and a scheme for picking clock speeds based on which programs are running is in the works.

    I’ve spent a bit of time recently doing development, so if nueDynamicClock is genuinely useful to you and increases your battery life, please consider making a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve worked pretty hard to try to make it a stable, commercial quality application. Hopefully I can get to updating all those other apps now…